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Liz Alpert's Love & Gratitude Medallion at Coolest Meditation Ever

Cool Tools 4 Personal Power

We’ve been blessed to receive the love and support of great spirit scientists and sponsors to bring powerful, cool tools for your personal ascension.

Movie and a Meditation

Happening May, June and July 2017, we’ll be sharing ceremony and meditation at our film screenings across the southwest USA.

Do Penguins Meditate for Coolest Meditation Ever by Ken Sheetz

Do Penguins Meditate?

Find out in this cool film of Ken Sheetz’s 24 meditations in Antarctica on 12.12.12.

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Learn how building Harpo Studios for Oprah Winfrey led Ken Sheetz on the path to becoming a conscious filmmaker and ultimately to Antarctica. There, amidst the penguins and ET energies, Ken would plant 24 seeds for fundamental change into the collective consciousness of our blue world.

Love Trumps Hate Meditations

Trump is certainly proving a tough man for many of us to love in his first 100 days in office. Join us for a gentle yet potent form of political activism! Coolest Meditation Ever: Antarctica 12.12.12 producers project in production is Love Trumps Hate, An Inauguration of Courage.


Hey, if Ken and Elizabeth can wake up to higher consciousness maybe our planet can, too!
Ken Sheetz

Ken Sheetz


Ken Sheetz walked away from a successful career in Chicago real estate, building a skyscraper and Oprah’s first studio Harpo Studios, to pursue his passion for filmmaking.  Two decades in ‘Hollywoodland’ have produced over 400 films—a serious track record for a funny guy.


Elizabeth England

Elizabeth England


Elizabeth England co-produces and co-hosts the Coolest Meditation Ever film projects, advocating meditation for its positive effects on planetary coherence and propagating peace. A water keeper, her Ocean Nation social media project educates on water issues, ocean health and the vitality and memory of water.